Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Obama's Favorability Rate Down, His State of the Union Address Criticized -- Is He a B.S.-Er?

No matter how hard President Barack Obama tried to sell his optimism during his State of the Union Address, officials who oppose the commander-in-chief's points of view were ready to pounce. Furthermore, reminders of how Obama's favorability rating dropped to less than 50% was all over the news. 

Go to Obama’s State of the Union Address

On the other hand, the president does know that many people oppose his policies on every turn. In fact, he says that the "suspicion between parties is getting stronger not weaker." That is, not everyone believes his declaration about the condition of the American economy, health care, global policy, gun control, etc. 

Some people also wonder why he seems to be all for allowing just anyone into our country especially after the increase of deadly violence. Sure, Obama comes across as wanting to help people and welcome them, but sometimes, he welcomes the wrong people. 

"Anyone who believes our economy is declining is "peddling fiction." 

According to Obama, the United States has the "strongest, most durable economy in the world." He also says that for the past seven years we are working on building a growing economy that works for all of us. He also supposedly believes that Americans believe hard work is the best way to get a fair shot.

He may be right about the economy -- that it is slowly improving and that more jobs are being created. He also might be right about most people believing hard work is key to success. However, it can be hard to convince the average American that the top 1% isn’t trying to accumulate all the wealth when people are still out of a job.

Is Obama Really for a Hand Up or a Hand Out -- Or Trying to Keep our Hands Tied??

It would be nice to believe that Obama really wants to give a hand up to people and not a hand out. It also would be nice to believe that he doesn’t want people to live on food stamps, be out of work, or to be able to afford to pay for health care or college. 

However, it seems that all he’s doing is finding a way to keep people dependent on the very programs that are supposed to get them off welfare. Does he really want us to get out of the trap of poverty, or not? He sometimes seems like he’s all talk and no action.

This also seems to be true concerning his sweet promise made concerning keeping us protected from ISIS. Is Obama trying to hurt us or help us concerning terrorism? 

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