Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Same sex marriage being allowed in Wisconsin? (#samesex)

I never expected this day to come, that same sex marriage possibly be allowed in Wisconsin. Many people rushed to get their licenses in Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau and other locations. Many people said they were excited that they were able to marry once and for all but many other people felt left down. 

Christians remarked that this is the sign of the times -- that the end is really near. I myself that this definitely is not something I would expect Wisconsin to ever do. Just a few years ago, this wouldn've been unheard of in this state. Of all the states in the Union I never expected mine to be one of them to go for this. I'm shocked more than anything to be honest.

It's a Wake-up Call, but I Don't Want to be Accused of Discrimination

I never agreed with same sex marriages. If no one ever was with anyone of the opposite sex, how would the world re-populate? On the other hand, if this is really the end of the world. then maybe this makes sense. 

Is being gay really genetic? I never really thought so, and I would have to do more research concerning that. However, even then I have something to say:

If a person is genetically physcho or has something in his or her DNA that makes him/her a pedophile, would that be right? None of this makes sense to me, honestly -- not from what I've always been told and taught about being with someone of the same sex. 

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