Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shutdown and the President: Are We Shooting the Messenger?


Who at Government is at Fault Concerning Shutdown?


The issues surrounding government shutdown are very complex. Therefore, it's hard to blame any one person. It might be easy to blame Obama because he's the one who acts as the messenger for the American people.

On the other hand, Obama is blaming Congress. No one seems to want to take the blame for budget and spending problems and for this shutdown. I don't necessarily think it's a Democrat versus Republican thing, but that would depend on the actual number of people on both sides voting towards this issue.
Speaking of parties, this leads me to a correction: Both members of Congress in the House as well as the Senate voted both for and against certain budget initiatives, of which Obamacare is one. The media made it sound like only Democrats were voting for Obamacare and Republicans were voting against it. I highly doubt that's the case, but there was a majority of one or the other party voting for or against (Senate Democrats and House Republicans from what I understand).

However, I have to do more research on the numbers to find out which way both of these political parties voted. I wish I knew right now so I could verify this. If anyone else knows, please let me know.

The Root Cause of the Government Shutdown:


Congress has not come to a consensus concerning budget and spending for Obamacare. However, it also concerns government spending in general, and reminds us that two years ago Obama fought to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. But when does it end?

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