Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wow! 7 Billion People on This Earth Now!

Wow! I just heard that the World's population just hit 7 billion people. That is quite a bit of people. I remember when it was about half of that. This article leads to an interactive site where you can find out how many people were on the earth on the day you were born. I happen to be... 
The 3,959,502,806th person alive on this earth, and I was the 78,257,026,753rd person to ever be born. It was interesting to me how this was calculated. To explain, it is a certain population division formula that the United Nations uses for population figures. One way of making this figure is to estimate certain population growths over time. 
You can determine your figures as far as what number you were on this earth (click the following link): 

World’s population hits 7 billion | The Upshot - Yahoo! News

or go directly to this link:

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  1. Very interesting information provided by you. I like say that no one can save the earth due to more population. Hope god will save us.


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