Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Geography Lesson: A New Meaning of the word "Vista" I did not know

This is the first I heard of "Vista" being used for something other than a Microsoft Windows program. A "vista" is actually the name of a geographical landmark, or rather that of a view of a landmark.

Further Explanation/Definition of Vista

It is a view often seen through a narrow avenue or passage. One example would be a row of trees, while another may be a long scenic passageway between two rock formations, with water stretching between. You can search for a more specific definition as not all vistas are necessary geographically-oriented.

Some vistas are actually actually views of the first sentence of this very paragraph "a view seen through a narrow avenue or passage." Some people would even take to mean a perspective view down the street with houses on both sides. It depends on the point of view.

The word "vista" that I currently refer to is the best vistas of the world (breathtaking vista views in nature), according to Bing Travel:

Best Vistas of the World: Milford Sound - Bing Travel:

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