Sunday, August 28, 2011

One of the hurricane Irene Damage Slide Shows

I am sending out this link of a hurricane Irene damage slide show. This shows the progression of the destruction that took place in downtown New York over the past12 to 24 hours. This storm has moved from New York on to New England.

Hurricane Irene - Picture Stories-

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More Info (Short Summary of Storm Coverage)

Hurricane winds and rain hit hard, and a huge tide hit the World Financial Center plaza on August 28, 2011. Individual homes and belongings were destroyed and people are currently left behind to clean up the mess. In addition to that, over 3 million people have lost power.

A lighthouse, trees, and other landmarks were affected and water levels in Battery Park reach an unusually high elevation, and bulldozers are now working hard to clear the area of debris. The Coney Island boardwalk is now covered with sand while rain water covers the area. Eventually the storm weakens and then moves on to New England.

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