Monday, August 29, 2011

Notice of Incoming Entries (Caught My Eye)

Note to blog readers: This may be an off topic post, unless you are right now on the Caught My Eye Blog. 

Please read new posts submitted to Caught My Eye another J.A.B.'s Freelance World Network

blog. The latest updates on this blog pertain to breaking news about hurricane/tropical storm Irene. You also will see info about the affect that hurricane Katrina still has six years later, and I have a recent entry on this blog about a Los Angeles car explosion. 

Countless other stories and features I found interesting are collected at Caught My Eye. I share a summary of the story and add my own comments and responses to each one. 

New content is published here as well as on other J.A.B.'s Freelance World blogs a regular basis.
I am passionate about life and everything that happens around me. 

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