Monday, August 8, 2011

Commentary: Family, friends remember fallen soldiers as heroes - Yahoo! News

I felt a bit melancholy when I read this. These heroes put me to shame in some ways and it is stories of the brave heroes that have put their lives on the line that help me remember to not take life for granted. I forget how good I have it sometimes when I realize that war heroes such as the U.S. military soldiers (along with America's allies) who fought in Afghanistan in the past 10 years (and especially in the past few years) did more for their country than I ever did.

The people who have left the U.S. to fight for a cause overseas will be remembered for a lifetime and beyond. I thank the men and women-who are real people just like you and me-who gave up their everyday lives to carry out one of the most honorable acts a person could ever do, laying down their lives.

Family, friends remember fallen soldiers as heroes - Yahoo! News

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