Thursday, December 9, 2010

High-Paying Jobs: Good News for the Recession!

I like this article. I think this is refreshing news. The top 10 jobs listed on this article may require a bit of training if you do not have it. Still knowing that there is even opportunities and hope for people at all is why I really like this article-why it caught my eye:

10 Jobs That Offer a Big Bang for Your Buck - Yahoo! Finance

Note that some of the job titles are not the usual, common job you would think of. I mean, biomedical engineer or actuary, how many people understand what that is? That is probably the reason why there are so many of these types of jobs available-because no one has heard of some of them.

Of course, there are ones you may have heard of on this list such as court reporter. But who says I wanna be a court reporter for a living? More people after reading this article, though, will start considering some of these jobs as very prestigious. Future competitive trends in the work world could even be started as a result of articles like this.

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