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Is it True that "The World Respects Us," Like Obama Said in his State of the Union Address?

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Concerning Global Affairs: "The World Respects Us," says Obama in his State of the Union Address. 

 The part I find hard to believe is that he says that the "world respects us." Really? How could they? Our country is in debt to our eyeballs, and as far as I remember, there are a lot of nations who hate us. True, we’ve done a lot of good, and many countries have counted on us for help. 

 However, it’s also true that we have made quite a few enemies. Otherwise, why would people from the Middle East come to shoot us? And these people terrorizing us are allegedly the same people who are supposedly seeking asylum from us. Now, if this statement pisses you off, I will explain that not all Syrians are violent. That’s a no-brainer, and there is not a clear connection as to the origins of all the people who are entering the U.S. and Europe from Syria, Iran and other countries. 

The point is, ISIS terrorism is so bad that it makes me wonder if Obama is in on it. For all we know, the president could be knowingly letting ISIS terrorist in while pretending to protect the shootings, suicide bombs and other extreme violence. 

After all, he stressed in his State of the Union address how important we all are regardless of race, creed, color, religion, etc. Furthermore, rumor has it that Obama has ordered FEMA caskets in the event of a worldwide disaster. Why would he be requesting these? Think about it people, and this is why America needs to Wake Up!

Obama's Favorability Rate Down, His State of the Union Address Criticized -- Is He a B.S.-Er?

No matter how hard President Barack Obama tried to sell his optimism during his State of the Union Address, officials who oppose the commander-in-chief's points of view were ready to pounce. Furthermore, reminders of how Obama's favorability rating dropped to less than 50% was all over the news. 

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On the other hand, the president does know that many people oppose his policies on every turn. In fact, he says that the "suspicion between parties is getting stronger not weaker." That is, not everyone believes his declaration about the condition of the American economy, health care, global policy, gun control, etc. 

Some people also wonder why he seems to be all for allowing just anyone into our country especially after the increase of deadly violence. Sure, Obama comes across as wanting to help people and welcome them, but sometimes, he welcomes the wrong people. 

"Anyone who believes our economy is declining is "peddling fiction." 

According to Obama, the United States has the "strongest, most durable economy in the world." He also says that for the past seven years we are working on building a growing economy that works for all of us. He also supposedly believes that Americans believe hard work is the best way to get a fair shot.

He may be right about the economy -- that it is slowly improving and that more jobs are being created. He also might be right about most people believing hard work is key to success. However, it can be hard to convince the average American that the top 1% isn’t trying to accumulate all the wealth when people are still out of a job.

Is Obama Really for a Hand Up or a Hand Out -- Or Trying to Keep our Hands Tied??

It would be nice to believe that Obama really wants to give a hand up to people and not a hand out. It also would be nice to believe that he doesn’t want people to live on food stamps, be out of work, or to be able to afford to pay for health care or college. 

However, it seems that all he’s doing is finding a way to keep people dependent on the very programs that are supposed to get them off welfare. Does he really want us to get out of the trap of poverty, or not? He sometimes seems like he’s all talk and no action.

This also seems to be true concerning his sweet promise made concerning keeping us protected from ISIS. Is Obama trying to hurt us or help us concerning terrorism? 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Most Important News Story for a While - Pray for Israel, People!

Note: I posted this, then some weeks later I was reminded that Israel must repent if they want Yahveh (God) to deliver them! This mandate to repent is all over the scriptures including in these chapters/verses: Isaiah 30:5 Ezekiel 14:6, Hosea 14, and I Samuel 7:3. It's what blesses us and gives us (and Israel) true rest and peace. 

By the way, Yahveh commanded His people to turn from idol worship and worship Him (El Ohim) again in spirit and in truth. He also warned them many times in scriptures of other evil doings such as drunkeness, orgies, whoremongering, etc. 

Image by graur razvan ionut at Free Digital

Pray for Israel For Deliverance against False Religion

Pray for Israel for deliverance against false religion. When you do, pray in the name of Yahshua (Jesus) that the true believers will hold on to the end. Some of them might be slain according to scripture while others will endure the tribulation.

Pray for Israel for Freedom from Islamic Oppression

Pray for Israel for deliverance against false religion. When you do, pray in the name of Yahshua (Jesus) that the true believers will hold on to the end. Some of them might be slain according to scripture while others will endure the tribulation.

Pray this out Loud -- "Set Israel Free in Yahshua's Name!"

Islamic leaders want to convert Israelis (particularly the Jews) to Islam within eight years. This is supposed to be a condition for them to stay in the nation.

I pray for Israel for freedom against Islamic oppression. Help them see the Way, the Truth and the Life for Yahshua said that “no one can come to the father except through me” according to John 14:5.

Recommended Bible Reading

I recommend reading the entire Chapter of John 14 to understand The Way, Yahshua who many people refer to as Emmanuel or Jesus. He is the son of Yahveh otherwise known as the God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Same sex marriage being allowed in Wisconsin? (#samesex)

I never expected this day to come, that same sex marriage possibly be allowed in Wisconsin. Many people rushed to get their licenses in Milwaukee, Madison, Wausau and other locations. Many people said they were excited that they were able to marry once and for all but many other people felt left down. 

Christians remarked that this is the sign of the times -- that the end is really near. I myself that this definitely is not something I would expect Wisconsin to ever do. Just a few years ago, this wouldn've been unheard of in this state. Of all the states in the Union I never expected mine to be one of them to go for this. I'm shocked more than anything to be honest.

It's a Wake-up Call, but I Don't Want to be Accused of Discrimination

I never agreed with same sex marriages. If no one ever was with anyone of the opposite sex, how would the world re-populate? On the other hand, if this is really the end of the world. then maybe this makes sense. 

Is being gay really genetic? I never really thought so, and I would have to do more research concerning that. However, even then I have something to say:

If a person is genetically physcho or has something in his or her DNA that makes him/her a pedophile, would that be right? None of this makes sense to me, honestly -- not from what I've always been told and taught about being with someone of the same sex. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HAZMAT Crew Responds to City Creek Mall Chemical Emergency

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – On September 26, 2013, a HAZMAT responded to a chemical emergency that took place at City Creek Mall. The mall called the safety in after finding out a janitor mixed to different cleaning solutions together and inhaled them about 8:24p.m.

Jasen Asay, Salt Lake City Fire Spokesperson, said the professional cleaner was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure. Asay also added that the man is expected to be fine and also stated he didn’t know exactly what fumes were reported. 

All he knew was that several people reported smelling the chemicals throughout the mall. Although shoppers did not experience any adverse effects from the accidental fumigation, workers shut down parts of the mall. 

Furthermore, the crew also shut down Temple Square next to City Creek Mall. The press indicated that this incident happened by accident. However, they also mention that a similar, more severe incident like this took place at the LDS Temple Square just a month earlier.

In August, 10 people were sent to the hospital after toxic fumes infiltrated the Temp Square, and 50 others were treated on site. In this case, Asay knew what substances the janitor accidentally combined -- bleach with sulfur to create thionyl chloride. This mixture quickly traveled through air vents and it caused nausea, coughing, shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Like the incident that occurred yesterday, this prior accident called for HAZMAT safety teams to take care of the situation. Likewise, the Temple Square was also closed down in after the former chemical accident and people evacuated the premises. 

Government Shutdown and the President: Are We Shooting the Messenger?


Who at Government is at Fault Concerning Shutdown?


The issues surrounding government shutdown are very complex. Therefore, it's hard to blame any one person. It might be easy to blame Obama because he's the one who acts as the messenger for the American people.

On the other hand, Obama is blaming Congress. No one seems to want to take the blame for budget and spending problems and for this shutdown. I don't necessarily think it's a Democrat versus Republican thing, but that would depend on the actual number of people on both sides voting towards this issue.
Speaking of parties, this leads me to a correction: Both members of Congress in the House as well as the Senate voted both for and against certain budget initiatives, of which Obamacare is one. The media made it sound like only Democrats were voting for Obamacare and Republicans were voting against it. I highly doubt that's the case, but there was a majority of one or the other party voting for or against (Senate Democrats and House Republicans from what I understand).

However, I have to do more research on the numbers to find out which way both of these political parties voted. I wish I knew right now so I could verify this. If anyone else knows, please let me know.

The Root Cause of the Government Shutdown:


Congress has not come to a consensus concerning budget and spending for Obamacare. However, it also concerns government spending in general, and reminds us that two years ago Obama fought to allow the debt ceiling to be raised. But when does it end?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Smartphone Can Pose Security Risk Sitting Next To a Computer

This story really caught my eye because I just couldn't believe that a smartphone can cause trouble while just “looking pretty.” Apparently, if it sits next to your computer long enough, it will log your keystrokes and learn your patterns of typing.

This isn't much of a big deal as long as your phone doesn't get hacked. However, new ways of invading people’s privacy erupt all the time. You have to be very careful, and seek out ways to keep your computer free from threats often. This will be an issue, especially with keylogging becoming as popular as it is right now. 

The study referred to in this post was sponsored by the Georgia Institute of Technology. 


Click Here to find out how you can safely get rid of registry errors.

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